talking computrons - cant touch this (cant touch this)

Talking Computron - 'R2D2 Where are you!??!'

talking computron toy - added reset switch, 1/4" jack out, switch between speaker/jack,

5 glitch buttons. two glitch buttons start chance sequence/random streams

of gibberish and words. two others cause heavy distortion and random bleeps,

the third causes a hardcore japanese noise band loop - like optimus prime just

had a javalin stuck through his cpu w/ a beat

Touch and Tell - R2D2 Aether Scanner 'Laptop Edition'

Originally a Texas Instruments 'Touch and Tell' - i've added an RCA output, a black RESET button, two human contacts

(one for lowering the pitch, the other for distortion) and three switches. The bottom switch turns the speaker off, the middle

switch turns on LOOP mode and the top switch turns on GLITCH mode. In Loop mode you can touch the different parts of

the touchpad to play back sometimes random, sometimes constant, ever changing and morphing loops. In glitch mode...

all hell breaks loose.

so i recycled the painted covers and did a new one - knob controls

pitch up/down - loop button (three way - on / off / momentary on),

glitch mode (three way - mode1 / off / mode2) and a RCA output! nice!

owner - dave wright


Named by Q.R.Ghazala - and rightfully so.

Please visit his webpage for some fabulous instruments.

These are circuit bent Speak and Spells, Maths

and Reads. Thanks to Ghazala for inspiring so many

people to modify Texas Instrument's late 70s money


Speak and Spell - Tiffany's Edition

Well here is a definette first - a CV SEQUENCABLE SPEAK AND SPELL.

Speak contains Three Glitch switches, master on/off switch (w/ red pilot), master pitch

Knob(up/down), two pitch warping human contacts, loop mode, loop momentary release,

Squarewave LFO, LFO Speed knob, LFO on/OFF switch, flashing red LED (behind

display, inside case) and a 1/8" INPUT. the photos are a before/after series after i took

the speak back from jack for some further upgrades. the LFO modulates the speak's PITCH.

By sending a GATE signal into the 1/8" you can warp/control the pitch of the unit in sequence.

increidble w/ the LOOP function. mp3s and schematics soon. this sucker is wild.

before/after photos. after = second round of modifications. the second photo is crappy

due to the incredibly bright red led messing with the scanner. will get a 'photo' soon.

This machine was owned by Audrey Hepburn for many years.

owner - jack dangers (meat beat manifesto/tino corp)

The Warbler - The LFO SPEAK

well i'm proud to say i think this is a first.

this is the 'vintage' version of the speak and spell. not only

is it's keyboard totally differnt, but it's insides are as well.

less chips, more transistors, transformer on the speaker. comes

with no audio jack out or DC adapter. so what did i do? i put a

'squarewave' low frequency oscilator on the PITCH - the 'rate'

of the LFO is controled by the bottom knob. also included

main power switch, 3 seperate GLITCH/BABBLE modes,

a LOOP mode, a 1/4" STEREO(yes stereo this old speak

alows for strange stereo wiring )

and main pitch knob.

owner - dave wright

Speak and Math - WJOO-JOO

pitch controls = KNOB, PHOTOCELL(w/ switch)

and THREE human contacts. 5 Glitch switches - three are differnt

random babble speak, one makes it sound like the cenobite from

hellraiser with the hole in it's neck - then the last glitch makes it

sing a sort of song. loop switch w/ momentary fast forward button,

master power switch w/ BLUE LED indicator. my ice planet baby.

owner - dave wright

CBM Incantor

suped out speak and math. Contains knob for pitch, glitch mode1 switch,

glitch mode 2 switch, human contact for pitch/ring modulation, loop switch,

loop search button and reset button. comes with CBM (commodore) OS

for decoration

owner - charlie clouser (nine inch nails)

Speak and Spell - The Swampbox

loosely following ghazala schematics - here is the swampbox. a alien voice transmitter

found somewhere out side of atlanta,georgia in the mid 30s. includes a reset switch,

LOOP switch, and a photocell eye (w/ opt switch) to slow and speed up the pitch

like a record player.

owner - bruce brindamour (ledgermain/notbreathing)


Speak and Spell - RADIUM

Speak n Spell with PITCH/SPEED sensor, reset switch, loop on/off, glitch mode on/off.

created for us not breathing tour (june2000) for my special friend bily. glows in the dark.

owner - bily salzar(duration of burning)


Speak and Read - HUMWAWA

contains loop mode/momenty loop ff, power switch,

blue LED power indicator, PITCH knob (up/down),

and a dual switch for two seperate glitch/babble modes.

this thing actually said 'humwawa' to me

owner - martin atkins (pigface/p.i.l./ministry)

Speak and Math - Vortex Artifact

Similar to the Swampbox - this Speak and Math Alien Voice Transmitter was

found outside of Sedona, Arizona in the late 40s. Reset Swtich, Glitch Switch, Loop Switch

and two copper contact points. pitch is lowered by touching the two copper wires.

Yes it glows in the dark. better photo soon.

owner - dave wright (not breathing)

Speak and Read - The Filthy Whore

I cut the plastic out over the LED display. I added a BRIGHT NEON BLUE LED to notify power.

Contains Reset Switch and Loop switch at the bottom. The other switch is a 3way switch - in the center

it's off, to the left or right hit diff bends within the circuitry.

owner - tara (sickorobot)

Transmitter from the Lava People

Three glitch bends (dtdt on-off-on switch), loop switch,

knob for pitch, reset swtich, momentary LOOP OFF(

aka loop fast forward). Satan. Lava. The Center

of the Earth. Short Circuit's Whose Johny. El Debarge.

owner - will tervay

here is a sexy speak n math i did for some punk rock chick(i think?)

she seemed pretty wild. this speak is pretty wild. you lookin to party?


owner - mira (LADYTRON)


Banana Magic

knob controls drastic pitch UP and DOWN, Loop mode,

Loop Fast Forward, Human Contact for pitch/ring mod,

Glitch Mode/Streaming and a Reset button

owner - ray/justin sane

Speak and Read - Cherry 'G.T.O.' Red

Following the traditions of similar alien voice transceivers, this one was found

buried outside of Las Vegas sometime in the mid 70s. where the Glass Bottom Pool

Hotel stands now. Reset Switch - Glitch scan mode. quickly made for a performance

at 7hz - san francisco. speak and reads are yellow.

owner - drew fitzgerald (aa23 / not breathing)

Speak and Math - Roman Pilar

contains reset switch, two glitch switches and two human contacts

to lower pitch. this one screams lil songs!

owner - the slug ridden towelhead

French Speak n Spell

owner - Dimitri Della Faille

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