Everything you need to know about the worlds
most creative virtual studio software!

Audio Engine

CS has one of the most powerful and highest quality sample engines available. CS Audio will support "Floating Point" playback and recording up to a maximum of 192KHZ 16Bit and will allow file conversion and export up to 32Bits.

The PRO and STUDIO versions will support playback and recording up to 192KHZ 32Bit. All interim audio resolutions are also covered so whatever sound device you have will be fully utilised. All versions allow stereo recording and playback whilst PRO and STUDIO also support multi I/O soundcards.

The Sequencer

This is where the sound elements that produce the entire musical project can be arranged in a particular order for playback.

CS can support up to 1000 tracks for sequencing though a typical arrangement once"mixed down" usually requires only a small percentage of the available tracks.

Audio samples, audio loops and midi sounds can all be arranged in the sequencer along with any effects that are to be used in the composition.

Arrangements within the sequencer can be edited and changed during playback including the addition/removal of effects thus allowing total creative freedom when arranging compositions.

Sequencing Options

CS allows 4 main sources for sequencing- Single Play, Note, Percussion and Sample Loop.


The CS percussion editor or "drum machine"offers a highly intuitive way to arrange original drum beats and breaks up to a maximum of 32 beats per bar.

Sound sources can be either midi or audio samples & control over all the necessary parameters for composition including velocity & offset etc are provided, control over the audio envelope for attack, decay, sustain and release is also provided for .wav samples.


The CS note facility allows audio .wav or midi sounds/notes to be arranged over a maximum of six octaves and allows control over all the necessary parameters for original composition including velocity & offset etc, control over the audio envelope for attack, decay, sustain and release are also provided for .wav note samples. Triplets are also supported.

All note information can be input via the mouse, played "live" or "stepped" into the sequencer via a midi or pc keyboard.

A number of arrangement tools are also provided including an arpeggiator and chord toolbox with presets.

Single Play

These can be any audio sample in a .wav format and will be played back by the sequencer wherever they are placed in the overall arrangement, they will be played back in their original form without any pitch correction etc.

Sample Loops

CS contains one of the most advanced and efficient Time-stretching / Pitch-shifting sample engines available allowing just about any audio sample loop to be stretched or compressed to sync perfectly with the current composition, pitch shifting can be switched on or off during this process allowing the user complete freedom to experiment with sample loops during the creative process.

Saving Your Songs

All music created in CS can be saved as a single .wav audio file, the saved file can then be loaded into cd writing software ready for burning to a standard audio cd. 

Variable Tempo

The CS sequencer will allow the insertion of a tempo change anywhere within the sequencer so fast tracks can be slowed down and then speeded up as and when needed.